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September 16, 2014
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When anyone working with you starts to talk about your business, your products or services or you, it’s either because they’re really happy about the experience, or they are unhappy with it. Sometimes the disconnect happens when they feel that interacting with you or your business should “flow” a certain way. There is an expectation of the connection that is not met.  All of your interactions with your connections, regardless of whether they are carried out physically or online, need to be positive interactions that are recalled with a sense of contentment. All too often, we think about putting that best foot forward toward new customers and connections.  Yet, what do you do in your interactions with the current customers and your brand advocates?  What do you do to increase your interactions? Total brand experience is a broad way of describing all the interactions that someone has with you.

As a result, every single encounter, email, comment, phone call and experience needs to be given its due importance. Feedback is one of the most critical components of understanding your personal brand. Most businesses succeed because they work closely with their customers and integrate any feedback that will improve their services or products. As a business owner, you need to be proactive about listening to your connection’s need. You can find out by asking and listening well to the content and the tone of their answer –