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“As a coach, Angela has remarkable instincts and skills. I have had the opportunity to be coached by her, as well as observe her as she coached others. I am consistently impressed with her keen perspective, authentic warmth and uncanny ability to zero-in on key developmental issues. Furthermore, her personal strength and uncompromised character enable her to handle life’s most challenging circumstances.”

Mark S. Braunsdorf, Ph.D.
“Angela’s warm and supportive presence created a safe place for me to explore what was most important to me. She is a careful listener and often heard what I wasn’t saying. Her intuition provoked questions that helped me uncover what I really wanted. Angela inspired and motivated me to take action.”

Mark Hurley
Personal & Professional Coaching
“Angela possesses a genuineness that is palpable. Her warm, caring interactive style coupled with an ability to challenge your thinking and motivate you to take action all combine to make her an excellent coach. I highly recommend working with Angela.”

Peggy Laneri, Ph.D.
Individual and Executive Coach
“I knew that my adult daughter would love the Co-Active Coaching Process. When I met Angela, I knew that she and my daughter would be a perfect match. She’s now an enthusiastic client. ”

Jane, Co-Active Coach in southern NH
“Angela holds her clients in a space of care and support while asking powerful questions in order for them to gain personal insights. Her coaching style is one of compassion and care. She provides very insightful, intuitive, and powerful feedback to the client which in turn, leads them to create the change they want to see in their lives.”

Jill McCredie
Professional Life Coach
“Angela is an incredibly caring and attentive Coach. We worked together in the Core Curriculum program and I had an opportunity to be coached by her. She has great flair, and a wealth of insight. You will be happy to be working with her to achieve your personal and professional goals.”

Paula Constance
Producer and Writer