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What would you do if you knew you could not fail? In his talk, Caleb puts this question forward to the audience and emphasises that there is value in failure. Caleb talks about his journey of overcoming fear through his 40 days challenge, a project in which he takes on challenges that people deem impossible and documents it on Youtube, sharing his experiences with the world. Through this incredible journey, Caleb explains that fear of failure can stop us from pursuing what we are passionate about, and that facing our fears helps to develop courage, strength and character. Giving ourselves permission to fail frees us up to dream, it frees us to go for things you might never have dreamt of going for.

Caleb Meakins graduated from University with a Masters in Civil Engineering, however after winning the Social Enterprise Award at his University he decided to embark on a career trying to start businesses. He quickly realised the crippling effect of the fear of failure and launched My 40 Days; a social project that attempts to tackle the stigma attached to failing. The project has taken him to sports stadiums, red carpets and even earned him Milkround’s ‘Graduate of the Year’ award. Caleb now goes round the country speaking to companies, universities and schools.

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