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Humans are all united by a force greater than joy, sorrow, and love… procrastination. Contrary to the humorous picture our popular culture paints, avoidance of work is a serious issue. Surveys suggest that 85-95% of students encounter problems directly related to procrastination. As a teenager, all-too-familiar with this torrid cycle of stress, anxiety, and depression, Archana Murthy presents an insightful cure to one of society’s greatest ills. Through personal reflection, Archana suggests that the cure to procrastination is a springboard for a greater journey that is better navigated with others.

Archana Murthy is a student of Marcus High School but also of life. She learns Indian classical music and dance but loves any and all art. She believes that art, science, and spirituality are often interchangeable. Her favorite pastime is thinking, and her second favorite is being poised. She is the most rebellious goody-goody she knows, and her one weakness is boys who are articulate and have substance. If she could only use one word for the rest of her life, it would be “spicy”, because it applies to most situations.

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